WooCommerce B2B Plugin

All-in-one WooCommerce B2B plugin

  • WooCommerce B2B + B2C hybrid store
  • Custom prices by roles
  • Wholesale bulk order form
  • Custom registration form fields
  • Request a quote form
  • … and 100+ features!

WooCommerce B2B Features

A unique panel to easily manage your store

It is our greatest passion to make the whole WooCommerce experience easier, faster and more beautiful. That’s why with B2B Pro we offer an e-commerce oriented admin panel/theme to improve your entire store management experience, not just B2B.

Forms and tools to make your store B2B and wholesale friendly

  • B2B groups
  • B2B registration form
  • Custom fields for registration form
  • Wholesale bulk order form
  • Request a quote button
  • Quick Orders form

Create a Private Store for B2B and Wholesale Customers

With B2B Pro, only the customers you choose can see the categories, products or prices


Organize your customers into groups and add special rules, discounts or product/category visibility settings for each WooCommerce B2B group


Add a speacial page for offers to My Account and give special offers to the customer or the group

Quote Form

Allows your customers to request quotes from you and give them special wholesale prices

Pricing Rules

Set special rules for different conditions in your WooCommerce B2B store

Adjust prices

Set rules for product prices

Hide prices

Hide prices for groups, products or users

Minimum order

Set the minimum order amount or quantity

Maximum order

Set the minimum order amount or quantity

Cart discounts

Apply discount to cart

Free shipping

Choose when the Free Shipping option will be active

Extra fee

Add an additional fee to the cart

Restrict site

Hide prices or website for guests or groups

Tax exemptions

Tax exemption for the customers or products

VAT support

Get VAT number of customers (VIES validation is supported)

Category visibility control

Hide categories by customer groups

Product price tiers

Price tiers based on quantity for wholesale

B2B registration form

Seperate B2B & B2C registration form in your WooCommerce store

Product visibility control

Hide products by customer groups

Payment methods control

Enable/disable payment methods for each group

Shipping methods control

Enable/disable shipping methods for each group

Manual customer approval

Approve customers automatically or manually according to role type
Pay once, use forever
Lifetime license
No monthly or yearly payments
Free updates
Get new features even years later
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