Version history of B2B Pro

v1.2.2 — November 16, 2022

+ Min/Max qty at product level
+ Added an option to close frontend to guests (B2B Pro > Settings > Guests)
- Fixed an issue about Save button on Custom Fields
v1.2.0 — June 29, 2022

+ NEW: Quick Orders - Customers can create their quick order lists (B2B Pro > Settings > Features)
+ Wholesale Bulk Order Form - Added a new layout, now customers can create their own list
+ Wholesale Bulk Order Form - Added sorting and per page options
+ Wholesale Bulk Order Form - Added "Show to B2C customers" option
+ Added [b2bpro_content] shortcode. You can show content to only a specific group, all B2B users, all B2C users or guests. Example; [b2bpro_content show="b2b,guest"]CONTENT[/b2bpro_content] shows content to B2B users and guests
+ Now new quote requests are sent to the admin via mail
- Fixed a bug in VIES validation


+ Added "Reports" shortcut to products
v1.1.1 — May 12, 2022

+ (+/-) buttons added to Qty input in Wholesale Order Form
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements
v1.1.0 — April 19, 2022

+ NEW: "Restrict pages" option to force guests to login when they want to access Shop/Products pages or all pages (B2B Pro > Settings > Guests)
+ NEW: Options for product images, out-of-stock products and subtotal in Bulk Order form (B2B Pro > Settings > My Account)
- Bulk Order Form is now only visible to B2B users
- Some style adjustments for Bulk Order form 

v1.0.7 — April 4, 2022

+ New: Wholesale bulk order form (My Account > Bulk Order at frontend -- if you get 404 error please go to B2B Pro > Settings > Advanced and just click Save button)
+ Added "Force to login" option to hide prices and redirect Product pages to the My Account page for guests (B2B Pro > Settings > Guests > Hide prices)
+ Added a shortcut for the panel settings to B2B Pro > Settings
- Fixed an issue in the "Adjust Price" rule that caused the variable product price to be "0" in some cases


+ Quick Links - When you click on a title in a table row, you can go directly to the edit screen without expanding the entire row. (To enable this feature, please go to Settings > Theme > Tweaks > Others)
v1.0.3 — March 21, 2022

+ Added group price support to WooCommerce Import


+ RTL support
+ Instant Search - You can start searching as soon as you press a key on the keyboard, without having to click the "Search" button on the screen.